School Shooter’s Babysitter Said The Boy’s mum Warned Him Never To Turn His Back

adam lanza sandy hook
An undated photo of Adam Lanza

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The mother of the Sandy Hook Elementary gunman warned the boy’s babysitter never to turn his back on the boy.Ryan Kraft, who babysat Adam Lanza when the boy was 9 or 10 years old, told CBS News that Nancy Lanza warned him never to turn his back on Adam.

Specifically, Kraft says Nancy Lanza told Kraft “to keep an eye on him at all times … to never turn my back, or even to go to the bathroom or anything like that.”

Lanza has been identified as the gunman who opened fired at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, killing 27 people, 20 of whom were children.

He also killed his mother and fatally shot himself.

Kraft told CBS News he hasn’t “really processed the fact that this happened right where I used to be, and that, 15 years ago, it could have been me.” He added that Lanza was an introverted boy who always seemed to be in his “own world.”

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