A 10-Year-Old Adam Lanza Created A Horrifying Book About Hurting Children

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For a 5th-grade class project, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza created a horrifying book filled with violence and descriptions of hurting children, The Hartford Courant

The State’s Attorney of Danbury, Conn. released dozens of documents related to the shooting investigation Monday.

Among the documents is one that describes “The Big Book of Granny,” which Lanza reportedly created with another boy but never turned in. The book has several sections — one with granny jokes and another that describes granny action figures — and two are especially disturbing.

A section titled “Granny’s Clubhouse of Happy Children” contains dialogue for an imaginary TV show that features Granny and her son Bobolicious. The show has a violent theme. From the report:

In another section of the book labelled “Adventures of Granny,” Granny and her son rob and blow up a bank, and then Granny’s son shoots Granny in the head with a shotgun.

Lanza mirrored one facet of this story in real life years later — before his murderous rampage at Sandy Hook, he shot his mother in the head at the home they shared.

In another story from the “Adventures of Granny” section, Granny is violent toward a young boy. Another tale features a character called “Dora the Beserker” who talks about how she likes to hurt children.

From the report:

Investigators did not offer a motive for the Dec. 14 massacre. Lanza killed 20 children, six adults, and his mother that day.

The full report is embedded below:

Adam Lanza Book of Granny

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