Orioles Outfielder Adam Jones Claims A Fan Threw A Banana At Him In San Francisco

The Orioles beat the Giants easily on Sunday, 10-2. But something happened in the ninth inning that left Orioles outfielder Adam Jones extremely upset after the game.

Jones went on Twitter after the game and unleashed a profanity-laced tweet directed at a fan. Jones claims the fan threw a banana at him

“I want to thank whatever slapd*** threw that banana towards my direction in CF in the last inning. Way to show ur class u jack***.”

A review of the broadcast for both teams did not reveal the alleged incident.

Throwing bananas at black athletes is a move that is well known in the world of European soccer and is considered a racial taunt.

Jones did not discuss the situation with media after the game. The Giants told Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun that there was no record of anybody throwing an object on the field in the 9th inning but that they would review security footage.

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