Ad Spending On Social Media Is Expected To Increase This Year

More marketers and agencies plan to increase ad spending on social media in the next year than any other form of digital media.

Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 2,000 marketing and agency professionals to gauge how ad budgets will be allocated over the next twelve months.

40-seven per cent of respondents said they plan to increase ad spending on social media, and 46% said they will maintain their current allocation.

Video sites, such as Hulu and YouTube, are also attracting more ad dollars: 40% among marketing and agency professionals said they expected new spending on such sites.

Sentiment towards online portals, such as AOL and Yahoo, was the most pessimistic. 20-four per cent said they plan to decrease ad spending on portals.

The survey results indicate a continuing trend: marketers and agencies will continue pulling ad dollars away from portals (which found success during the dot-com heyday) and into social media. It bodes well for companies such as Facebook and Twitter, which are very focused on monetizing by way of native advertising.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

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