We’ve updated our quarterly US ad share shift analysis for Q3. The story remains the same:

  • Google wins
  • Television, radio, outdoor, and print lose

As ever, the details are startling.  Here are some highlights looking back over 9 quarters for 16 major US media companies:

  • Online share has grown from 22% to 31% of total ad spending over 9 quarters!
  • Google’s share of US total ad spending has grown from 9% to 17%
  • Ad spending has decelerated sharply over the past three quarters across all media, including online.  Even outdoor, formerly a stalwart, is falling.

Of the traditional media in Q3, print is doing the worst (down 15%). Radio continues to flag (down 7%). Outdoor was down 1%. TV eked out a tiny gain (2%). And online, thanks to Google, was up 14%.

Importantly, with the exception of Google, the growth of US online ads in Q3 was weak: 5%. This growth is decelerating rapidly and will likely be negative in Q4 or, at the latest, Q1.  At the current rate of deceleration, Google’s US ad business could also begin to shrink by the end of next year.

For details, please see our Great Ad Share Shift Spreadsheet.

See Also: The Great Ad Share Shift (SAI Spreadsheet)

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