AD OF THE DAY: This Rube Goldberg-esque Holiday Card Took 900 Hours To Make

We were blown away by Solve Media’s holiday card this year.

The card, which comes to us in the form of a video, starts out with someone writing the message “To All Humans” on an envelope. A Rube Goldberg-esque chain-reaction machine is then set off, which includes a cat being released from a box that triggers a domino effect of tumbling snowflakes. (It’s reminiscent of “Cog,” the 2003 spot for Honda and “The Way Things Go,” a 1987 art film, which both followed lengthy chain reactions involving tumbling ball bearings, slides and Slinky springs.)

Eventually, “Happy Holidays” appears on the wall.

According to Solve Media’s CEO, it took the company six times to record the video in a single take. A crew of 13 people, primarily made up of University of Pennsylvania engineering students, put in 900 hours to create the stunt.

Check it out here: