AD OF THE DAY: This Morning-After Pillow Gets Men Out Of Cuddling

Axe has come up with a solution to the morning-after cuddling that men (allegedly) hate so much: an inflatable arm and chest that smells like Axe.

The commercial seems like a parody, but it’s actually real. Kind of. Axe is selling the morning after pillows, that come in skinny, body builder, tattooed, and hairy styles, on its Puerto Rican Facebook page.

The spot, created by DDB Latin America, says the “breakthrough” product was created to give men freedom from women who have fallen under the powerful Axe effect. Apparently, the effect is so intense that the woman in the commercial won’t let go of her man — even while he plays tennis. We’ve yet to see this effect for ourselves, unfortunately, but if Unilever says it, it must be true, right?