AD OF THE DAY: This Cutesy Oreo Commercial Is Strangely Transfixing

Squid Shark and Seal On Ice Enjoying Oreos

If you can stand electro-pop sensation Owl City’s auto-tuned singing, you just might love this new Oreo commercial. It features a song, the “Wonderfilled Anthem,” written by Owl City, and a cutesy animation of loveable, dancing characters.

All together, the formula is oddly addicting, slightly reminiscent of last year’s Dumb Ways To Die video.

An excerpt from the Martin Agency-created spot: “If I gave [Oreos] to great white sharks, would they share them with baby seals? / Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal?”

Oreo has been all about viral marketing this year — its quick-thinking tweet during the Super Bowl power outage quickly earned the company deserved coverage.

Does Owl City’s song have comparable potential? Check it out:

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