AD OF THE DAY: This Ad Is Actually A Test of Your Literacy

Bikini Illiteracy Ad

This thought-provoking campaign from DDB Paris takes aim at illiteracy. But at first glance, the ads appear to be everything but illiteracy awareness spots.

The campaign imitates other ads for a wide variety of products, posing as advertising for films, makeup, cars, and bikinis. Only a literate viewer (with an attention span) will notice the true message of the ads, which is that more than 3 million illiterate people in France won’t be able to read them.

These will probably go over the heads of not only the illiterate, but also those who simply don’t pay attention. Nevertheless, their effectiveness is striking.

Scroll down for the rest of the ads:

Dragons Illiteracy Ad
Makeup Illiteracy Ad
Car Illiteracy Ad
Vacation Illiteracy Ad

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