At This 24/7 Social Media Agency, Employees Will Work Graveyard Shift — Here's Today's Ad Brief

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Brian Mandelbaum—a Saatchi, Razorfish, and Cramer-Krasselt alum—is creating a Chicago-based, social media agency that will be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Meaning he’ll have to find people willing to regularly work at 4 a.m. on a Saturday. While this will meet brands’ round-the-clock needs, Ad Age interviewed some more traditional shops’ CEOs who likened the endeavour to an “Ads ‘R Us” operation that will hurt, and commoditize, the industry.Fashion magazines are doing incredibly well in China, with huge demand for ad pages in each issue. Cosmopolitan and Elle have had to start printing twice a month since they are simply too thickthe latter has now grown to 700 pages.

Before Wieden + Kennedy and Target completely part ways, the shop pitched a bizarre Target Scholarship for college students: The Flip-Flop scholarship. This campaign gives one lucky student enough flip flops for everyone who uses his or her shared dorm bathroom. The campaign has received 700 video submissions since July 15.

Ad Age has compiled a list of the world’s most marketable athletes/Olympians.

When explaining why Publicis Groupe’s second quarter growth slowed, Maurice Levy explained “The world economic situation is both volatile and uncertain. Our third quarter should see a return to much higher growth, at rates far closer to our usual performance.” Q2 revenue was $3.6 billion on 1.6 per cent organic growth.

Digiday chronicles confessions of a female ad exec.

Vitro has won the Toyo Tires account.

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