An Ad Company Accidentally Made A Gun Billboard Point At Billboard Of A Child In Michigan

gun billboard child

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Lamar Outdoor Advertising had to take down a billboard Friday in which a gun (from Gary’s Guns) was accidentally pointed towards a small child on an adjacent sign.A local Michigan news camera crew was surprised to discover the poor ad placement, which was particularly disturbing given last week’s tragedy in which Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 women and small children inside a Connecticut elementary school.

Mark Sherwood, regional manager for the billboard company, explained that the signs had gone up weeks before without complaint.

“Obviously, sensitivities have been heightened,” Sherwood told MLive. “What looks obvious now might not have looked obvious two weeks ago.”

The billboard featuring the child — an ad for Michigan food nonprofit “Harvest Gathering” — will remain up.

Michigan recently received significant national attention following the Newtown shooting due to its proposed gun bills that would loosen restrictions of concealed weapons.