AOL's $US400 Million Deal With Suddenly Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense

Ad agency holding company
Interpublic Group has made a deal with AOL’s video ad serving unit.
Magna Global, the investment arm of IPG Mediabrands (Interpublic’s media buying conglomerate), will partner with to automate up to 50% of Mediabrands’ video ad buying.

AOL’s recent acquisition of for $US405 million now makes a whole lot more sense — IPG Mediabrands’ clients spend up to $US34 billion a year on ads, and is now the preferred provider for them.

Until now, the deal didn’t look overly spicy. Some say the video server’s inventory is riddled with bots and bogus clicks. And investors generally have turned up their noses at video adtech companies.

But with’s video adtech at its disposal, and guaranteed clients coming from IPG, AOL is now sitting in front of an ad-spending firehose, potentially.

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