Ad Agency Exec: Facebook Doesn't Need To Worry So Much About Mobile Ads

Jeff Rosenblum, CEO of the digital ad agency Questus, said during an interview with Bloomberg West that Facebook still has a lot to figure out with paid advertising, but figuring out mobile ads doesn’t need to be at the top of that list.

“I don’t think it’s a drawback,” Rosenblum said, when asked about the fact that Facebook hasn’t monetized mobile yet. “I don’t think mobile is a great place to start sticking banner ads. Think about your own experience online: banner ads are pretty small, they don’t do a lot. We literally serve a thousand of those as an industry before one person clicks.”

Instead, the company’s big challenge will be figuring out how to come up with paid ads that fit better into the social network’s story-telling format. Right now, he says, Facebook is stuck between putting out ads that people will ignore or pushing ads that interrupt users, neither of which are ideal.


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