Actually, You Don't Need An iPhone 4S To Get The Best Siri Features

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If you’ve been wanting a personal digital assistant of your own, but aren’t due for a phone upgrade anytime soon, you’re in luck.Voice Answer is a new Siri-like voice control app that is now available for iPhone and Android.

With Voice Answer, you can ask your British-accented digital assistant questions about the date, time, weather, health and medicine, finance, and even where the nearest Starbucks is.

The app will voice detailed answers to any of these questions and provide you with the information on your screen.

Voice Answer works with an internet connection and is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Keep reading to see how it works.

Price: $3.99

This is the main interface for Voice Answer. You can choose to either say your question vocally or you can type it on the keyboard.

To use your personal digital assistant, simply tap on robot Eve at the bottom of your screen and start talking. Then Eve, will reply with an answer to your question. She will also provide you with even more details on your phone.

Or if you prefer, you can type your question by tapping on the keyboard.

You can easily adjust the settings of the app.

Then we asked where the nearest Starbucks was. Eve not only told us where the nearest one was, she also told us how far away it was from our current location, the hours of operation, a phone number where I could reach the store, and a lot more.

We're Miami Heat fans, so we asked Eve when their next game was. She couldn't answer this question.

So then we tried asking it another way...NOPE! Still didn't work.

Next we tried to have a conversation with Eve by asking her if she's British. She responded with information about the United Kingdom...

She can tell you the price of Apple stock.

The app is not perfect, but it's impressive. It does offer some nice features that will give its users extended capabilities.

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