Actually, There May Have Been A Winning App At SXSW

GroupMe grilled cheese

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“No app won SXSW this year,” is the general consensus.Having been at SXSW, we’d argue there was.

Highlight was used a good amount. Over time we think people will realise it was a decently big SXSW hit.

It didn’t throw a launch party but the app was the topic of many conversations and we found ourselves checking it multiple times per day.

Our “normal” (non tech) friends have started downloading it too.

But one other app was used more than Highlight. 

GroupMe, which was the breakout app last year, may have won two years in a row.

GroupMe hasn’t been mentioned much since it was acquired by Skype in August. It doesn’t seem like many people still use it. But the team is still fully in tact and it has no problem attracting talent.

An employee we spoke with said only one person has left GroupMe recently. Five more were hired in his place.

At SXSW, GroupMe was in full swing. Upon arriving we were added to two GroupMe groups with 30 people in each. Pictures were traded, locations were swapped, and hundreds of texts were sent back and forth. 

In addition, GroupMe had its annual grilled cheese and beer stand set up. TechStars NY co-founder David Tisch challenged Takeru Kobayashi of Coney Island hot dog fame to a grilled cheese eating contest (he lost). 

GroupMe ended the Interactive portion of SXSW with a big bash. The party was thrown at the same venue where GroupMe launched last year, Cedar Street Courtyard. It was packed.

Now we’ll likely go back to a life without GroupMe, but at SXSW it shone again.

Here’s footage of Kobayashi setting a grilled cheese eating world record: 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in 1 minute: