Actually, Steve Jobs Didn't Like The Name 'Siri'

steve jobs

Photo: Screengrab

Despite its interesting meaning in Norwegian, Steve Jobs didn’t care for the name “Siri,” reports Network World.Dag Kittlaus, Siri’s co-founder, explained that the word is Norwegian for “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” He had picked it out as a name for a daughter, but when he had a son instead, he gave the name to his software.

From Network World’s report:

Kittlaus recounted that Jobs wasn’t sold on the Siri name. Kittlaus, therefore, kept lobbying Steve Jobs to keep the Siri name, telling him quite consistently that “it’s a great name.”

Still, Jobs wanted to use something else, but failing to find anything better, decided to stick with “Siri”. What’s particularly interesting about this is that there are similar stories regarding the naming process behind the iMac and the iPod – two products with names Jobs reportedly didn’t care for either but ultimately acquiesced to after not being able to find better alternatives.

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