Favre Is Handling The Jenn Sterger/Naked Crotch Shot Crisis Quite Well, Says Expert

Jenn Sterger

Photo: SportsBank

Brett Favre is at the centre of a media tornado, yet he’s actually handling it perfectly. We spoke to Jason Maloni, VP of Levick Strategic Communications Crisis and Litigation Team, and Chair of their Sport & Entertainment practice, and he said he’d advise Favre to continue on his current path.The best actions Favre can take are:

  • Not to confirm or deny any of the reports, or offer up any additional information.
  • Make it known that he’s cooperating with the NFL investigations, and explain that he has no comment beyond that.
  • Play good football. Monday’s 264-yard and three-touchdown performance was a good start.

That last point might be the most important. If he makes headlines with his good play, they’ll soon overshadow the crotch shot allegations that the media was hesitant to cover in the first place.

Interestingly, Maloni doesn’t think that – assuming the allegations don’t get worse – Favre has much to worry about from an endorsement perspective. He believes Wrangler, Snapper and Remington pay him big bucks for his unique “flawed hero mystique.”

Keep in mind, as juicy as this story is, Favre didn’t mass murder dogs, nor did he admit to rampant drug use (this time) or commit any sort of crime. He just did something a lot of people do, but shouldn’t. In that way, he’s playing right into the “flawed hero” persona these brands covet. 

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