Actually, Beyoncé WAS Totally Photoshopped In This Ad

Beyonce H&MBeyonce for H&M

This morning, Business Insider, among others, noted that Beyoncé insisted that photos of her in this summer’s H&M campaign not be retouched in Photoshop. The fashion brand was said to have accommodated the star, apparently only releasing undoctored shots of the singer.

This afternoon, a source close to Beyoncé told us “this is all not true.”

In an email to Business Insider, the source said that “Beyoncé objected to being made skinnier at the waist and less curvaceous, but the current ad is still extremely photoshopped.”

“She is not objecting to her face, skin and body being made flawless,” the source added. “No one looks like that, even her. This is all a ploy to pretend that no photoshop was used. Hilarious.”

Take another look at these images. Thinking they has not been digitally perfected in some way is, indeed, pretty naive.

beyonce H&M
beyonce H&M

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