Some Awful And Hilarious Stuff You Can Find Out About People Using Facebook Search

Facebook Graph Search has barely been out for a week but it is already being used in a way that the social networking giant didn’t intend.

A Tumblr blog called Actual Facebook Graph Searches is maintained by Twitter user @tomscott and has compiled some pretty offensive, but real, Facebook Graph searches. The searches identify a group of users’ interesting quirks, to say the least.

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Here is an example:

facebook graph search exploit

Photo: Actual Facebook Graph Searches

This search identifies people who are married but fans of cheating dating site Ashley Madison.

Here’s another one that highlights employers of people who like racism…ouch.

actual facebook graph searches

Photo: Actual Facebook Graph Searches

Check out the full list over at Tumblr blog, Actual Facebook Graph Searches (warning: some of the searches are offensive).

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