9 people reveal the nicest thing someone has ever done for them

  • In a Reddit thread, people revealed the absolute nicest thing someone has done for them.
  • From showering a family that couldn’t afford Christmas gifts with presents to offering the new kid a seat in the school cafeteria, a wide variety of kind acts have impacted peoples’ lives, and stayed with them years later.
  • Often, the simplest favours made the biggest impressions.

It’s never too early or too late to hop on the kindness train. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated every year on February 17, but that hasn’t stopped perfect strangers and acquaintances from showering others with love and generosity year-round.

In a heartwarming Reddit thread, people shared the kindest things anyone has ever done for them. Be it waiting with an injured person on the side of the road or offering up a seat at the lunch table, here are some of the sweetest gestures Redditors have encountered that stayed with them years later.

An elderly neighbour showered a family that couldn’t afford Christmas gifts with presents

“When I was about five, my mum was single and in nursing school. She had very little money, and we lived in this tiny one-bedroom apartment. This elderly Greek man who lived in our apartment complex dressed up as Santa on Christmas Eve and brought me presents … That was one of the sweetest memories of my childhood.”

-Redditor shadypines33

A stranger comforted an injured person until EMT arrived

“I was hit by a car and a stranger sat with me until the EMTs arrived. I never got his name. He left before the police got there. I looked for his face in crowds, but never saw him again. He kept me calm. I didn’t feel alone.”

-Redditor designgoddess

A funeral director paid a client’s rent for three months after their father passed

“Someone paid for the first three months of my rent at my first house. My dad had died a month before that, and the funeral director wanted to help me out.”

-Redditor EnoughtoLiveBy

A middle schooler offered the new kid a spot at the lunch table, and he never forgot the kind gesture

CafeteriaChristopher Furlong/Staff/Getty ImagesSchool cafeteria.

“Moved in middle of 7th grade. New city, new junior high school. Lunch comes up and I sit on the first bench I get to. Everyone else in a different part of the yard. Dave B. walks over, ‘You’re new, right? Come sit with us!’

He and I never really became friends, but I still remember that invitation decades later.”

-Redditor rejeremiad

A complete stranger taught an overwhelmed new driver how to pump gas – and paid for it

“I just started driving, maybe had my licence for a week. Went to go fill up gas for the first time. Realised I never learned how to fill up a car. A guy saw me struggling for about 10 minutes and he walked over pulled out his credit and showed me what to do. Ended up paying for my gas and teaching me a lesson. Never got his name or anything.”

-Redditor Nato23

A girl in college helped her neighbour across the hall cope with her mother’s death, and they became lifelong friends

“I lost my mum to lung cancer June 2006, one month after graduating from high school. I am an only child. That August, I moved an hour from home to attend university.

Without fail, in every class we were asked what memorable thing we did over the summer. I spent my time telling people I had planned my mother’s funeral.

One girl I happened to share several classes with ended up being my across-the-hall neighbour. That following January, she showed up at my door with a cupcake and a candle on my mum’s birthday. Not a single person I was close to remembered, but she did. She held me while I cried and we stuffed our faces with cake.

She stood up at my wedding as a bridesmaid several years later.”

-Redditor llamamama03

A couple had their honeymoon paid for by an anonymous benefactor, and they now plan on continuing the streak of kindness

Couple beachFlickr / andy_cA couple at the beach.

“We were on our honeymoon and didn’t have a lot of money, but we managed to afford to stay at our favourite inn in our favourite coastal town. Someone found out we were newlyweds and anonymously paid for our stay. I plan on paying it forward at that same place one day.”

-Redditor BouncyCastleofDoom

A grief-stricken person’s friend would talk to her over FaceTime until she fell asleep

“When my grandmother died, my friend would FaceTime me when I couldn’t sleep and tell me bedtime stories. Our safe-word was ‘pineapple.’ If she said that and I didn’t answer, she knew I was sleeping and she could hang up. It might have been a little thing for her, but it made a huge difference for me.”

-Redditor lawnmowergoat25

Someone surprised their former colleague with an astute letter of recommendation

“I asked a colleague to be a reference for me for a new job. She wrote me a letter of recommendation that, 11 years later, remains one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. All of the little efforts that I’d been putting in and getting no real attention for, she noticed, and mentioned in a way that made me feel so seen.”

-Redditor outtamywayigottapee

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