These are the worst-reviewed actors and actresses of all time

Deuce bigalow rob schneider

Some actors are just bad at choosing movies, or in some cases have fallen out of touch with their fan bases. At least, that’s how critics feel.

To show just how badly critics score certain actors and actresses, Vox put together a ranking of the all-time worst.

The data comes from Metacritic, which aggregates reviews from major outlets and gives movies a score of 0-100.

According to the data, the top 5 worst actors on the planet are:

1. Rob Schneider
2. Adam Sandler
3. Ashton Kutcher
4. Kevin James
5. Taylor Lautner

And the top 5 worst actresses are:

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt
2. Jessica Alba
3. Katherine Heigl
4. Denise Richards
5. Alicia Silverstone

A few takeaways from the list: On the actor side, Sandler’s decline in box-office hits since his peak in the 1990s has hurt his friends like Schneider and James, who are in the top five with him.

And on both the actor and actress side, the names here star heavily in action movies or romantic comedies, which often aren’t praised by critics.

So, if you looked at lifetime box office, the actors would rank a little better.

See a breakdown of the top 15 worst-reviewed actors and actresses (and best) at Vox.

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