Actor Ed Helms skewered Rolling Stone during his UVA graduation speech

Ed Helms University Virginia UVA Graduation Commencement SpeechScreenshot Via YouTubeActor Ed Helms speaks at UVA’s 2015 graduation ceremony.

Actor Ed Helms spoke at the University of Virginia’s commencement ceremony Friday and ruthlessly addressed the retracted Rolling Stone magazine article that threw the campus into the center of a debate about sexual assault this academic year.

“It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss,” Helms told graduating seniors. “I would add, that sometimes a rolling stone also gathers no verifiable facts, or even the tiniest morsels of journalistic integrity.”

The comment drew significant applause.

Much of Rolling Stone’s story on sexual assault at the college has been been disproved since the article’s initial publication in November — by outside media reports, a police investigation, and a report from Columbia Journalism School.

“Rolling Stone tried to define you this year. As a result, not only was this community thrown deep into turmoil, but the incredibly important struggle to address sexual violence on campuses nationwide was suddenly more confusing than ever, and needlessly set back,” Helms said.

Ed Helms is best known for his roles in the tv show “The Office” and “The Hangover” movies. You can watch his full speech at the University of Virginia below:

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