Vogue apologizes after misidentifying journalist Noor Tagouri as Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari — but some people say it's not enough

  • Activist and journalist Noor Tagouri appeared in Vogue magazine this month.
  • But the caption with her photo misidentified her as Noor Bukhari, a Pakastani actress.
  • Tagouri posted a video of her reaction online, noting that she was heartbroken about the mistake.
  • Vogue apologised but many are calling for them to do more.

Journalist and activist Noor Tagouri was excited to see herself photographed and featured within the pages of Vogue for this month’s issue. But after picking up a copy of the magazine a few days ago, she quickly noticed there was a mistake: She had been misidentified as someone else.

Wearing Givenchy in the magazine spread, Vogue misidentified Tangouri as Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari. In a series of tweets, she documented her reaction to first seeing the print magazine. In a video taken by her husband expected to be capturing her excitement, Tagouri’s followers – as well as many others, as the tweet has since gone viral – instantly saw the joy leave her face.

“I’m SO heartbroken and devastated,” she wrote. “Like my heart actually hurts. I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for MONTHS. One of my DREAMS of being featured in American @VogueMagazine came true!!”

She added, “We finally found the issue in JFK airport. I hadn’t seen the photo or the text. Adam wanted to film my reaction to seeing this for the first time. But, as you can see in the video, I was misidentified as a Pakistani actress named Noor Bukhari. @voguemagazine.”

“To me, it was a really big deal because I had never seen a woman in a hijab in Vogue and I’ve been reading Vogue since I was a kid,” she said in an interview with Fashionista.com. “I can give you 10 times off the top of my head, including today, where people have misrepresented and misidentified my work or my career. I’ve had a job in journalism since I was 15 years old. That has been the only [field] I’ve ever worked in and it’s so hard to get that recognition because people are so baffled by the fact that someone that looks like me does work. And it’s because it never fits their narrative and that’s what’s most frustrating.”

Vogue issued an apology to Tagouri via Twitter, stating to “try to be more thoughtful and careful in our work going forward.”

“In the February issue of Vogue the writer and activist Noor Tagouri was misidentified in a caption as ‘actor, director, and model Noor Bukhari.’ We are sincerely sorry for the mistake,” the publication posted on Twitter. “We were thrilled at the chance to photograph Tagouri and shine a light on the important work she does, and to have misidentified her is a painful misstep. We also understand that there is a larger issue of misidentification in media-especially among nonwhite subjects. We will try to be more thoughtful and careful in our work going forward, and we apologise for any embarrassment this has caused Tagouri and Bukhari.”

But for many on social media, the apology wasn’t enough.

Noor TagouriDuane Prokop/Getty ImagesPeople are calling for Vogue to do more than apologise.

One user wrote, “An apology is not enough. You should give her another opportunity to feature in an upcoming issue in the VERY NEAR future. A tweet is simply not good enough and it stains Vogue’s reputation badly.” Another added, “You should reprint the issue – or the article – in its entirety in the next print issue.”

This is not Tagouri’s first appearance in Vogue. Also this month, Tagouri appeared in Vogue Arabia where she was interviewed by model Ashley Graham and spoke about her documentary and podcast “Sold in America,” which focuses on the sex trafficking industry in the US, and her experience as an activist and journalist. The women also talked about representation and the importance of fact-checking, doing proper research, and giving a voice to marginalized communities in media.

INSIDER reached out to Tagouri for comment.

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