We went to ‘Action Park’ in New Jersey — once the deadliest amusement park in America

If you grew up anywhere near Northern New Jersey in the 1980s and 1990s, you knew Action Park. The park was known for its incredibly dangerous rides and lengthy list of death-related urban legends.

Those legends were actually based in fact  — there were multiple deaths at the park, and there was a steady stream of ambulances going to and from the park every day for all sorts of injuries. Commonly called “Class Action Park” and “Traction Park,” you generally didn’t leave without a few bruises — at the very least.

Now with improved safety standards and under new management, I took a trip out to Vernon, New Jersey to see if the park is still as thrilling — and dangerous — as it when I first went more than 20 years ago. Spoiler alert: I had a great time. 

Produced by Matthew Stuart

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