Acer, One Of Microsoft's Biggest PC Partners, Doesn't Want To Use The Tablet-Only Version Of Windows 8

windows 8 launch event and presentation

Acer has no plans to make a device running the Windows RT operating system, according to an interview with the company’s chairman in The Wall Street Journal.

Windows RT is a lighter version of the Windows 8 operating system that’s only designed to run on tablets with inexpensive low-power ARM processors like the ones used in the iPad and several Android tablets. Windows RT also can’t run older PC apps, only apps specially designed for Windows 8’s new touch controls.

Microsoft made Windows RT as a way to compete with cheaper tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire, and various Android tablets, but most manufacturers are making devices running the full version of Windows 8 instead. There’s also evidence that many manufacturers will start making small and cheap tablets with seven or 8-inch screens that run the full version of Windows 8 instead of RT.

Acer’s chairman J.T. Wang said Windows RT isn’t “so influential anymore,” which is why the company has no plans to make a tablet running the OS.

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