Acer President: All Those People Who Hate Windows 8 Need To Spend More Time With It

Using Windows 8

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In an interview with DigiTimes, Acer president Jim Wong spoke about Windows 8 and its future with different kinds of touchscreen laptops, traditional computers, and tablets.Despite the fact that Acer’s North America president Emmanuel Fromont recently told the New York Times that demand for Windows 8 was weak, Wong defended the operating system, saying people need more time to learn how it works before deeming it a failure. 

Here’s Wong:

In the past, market observers would accuse Windows of lacking innovations. And Windows 8 with brand new features have still been greeted with pessimism. Some observers believe the new interface and touchscreen control will dramatically delay adoption by consumers. But companies must take risks when introducing innovations, and therefore it is still too early to say whether Windows 8 is a success or not.

Wong also offers a lot of excuses for all the reports that Windows 8 is off to a slow start, like its end-of-the-year launch and that it’ll take a few more months for vendors to go through sales data and truly know if consumers are interested.

You can read the full interview with Wong here >