Ace Greenberg Didn't Tell Anyone Jimmy Cayne Was Smoking Pot In His Office Because "It Wasn't My Style"

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Ace Greenberg has a few hilarious answers for New York Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon’s interview questions.

He says it “wasn’t his style” to tell board members about Jimmy Cayne’s hot-boxing his office with pot smoke. He also doesn’t like talking on the phone or emailing, which he relegates to “the girls,” aka his secretaries.

And, he won’t say anything that might contradict something Jamie Dimon has said. (So people really are scared of him!)

Read his answers. They’re funny:

Why didn’t you tell the board that he was reportedly smoking pot in his office?

That wasn’t my style. I didn’t do things underhanded. Maybe I was wrong. We were making money, and the stock was making new highs. It was hard to complain when things looked so rosy.

Do you e-mail your clients?

No. I never use e-mail. The girls use the e-mail.

How do you feel about the Democrats’ push to regulate derivatives?

I feel about it the same way that Jamie Dimon does.

And how is that?

I don’t know how he feels, but I feel the same way. Understand?

Not really.

I don’t want to say anything that might be contrary to how JPMorgan Chase feels. This is a very sensitive topic.

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