ACCOUNTANTS GONE MILDLY WILD: I Spent The Day With 1,300 Financial Geeks At Xerocon, And It Was More Fun Than You'd Think

Xerocon is kind of like a rock concert but for numbers geeks.

Pouring through the doors early Thursday morning were about 1,300 bookkeepers, accountants and tax practitioners ready for two days of breakouts and Xero demos.

It’s the most on-time bunch of people I’ve seen at an event this size in a while.

Xercon is pretty big, taking up 26,000 square metres of space at Olympic Park in Sydney. There are about 9km of cabling, an estimated 1.2km of curtains and one skateboarding CEO.

Opening day one was CEO Rod Drury came down a runway lined with neon lights, through a crowd, onto a big stage to MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch this”.

It’s a big two days which is fuelled by a LOT of coffee.

In the exhibition area companies are all trying to out do each other to attract the attention of visitors wandering the aisles of tech plugin offerings. Some, like the eWAY team had absolutely no shame.

There were even carnival rides.

But they were pretty empty.

These accountants are a studious bunch. Staying off the rides to pack out a session on tax regulation. More on that here.

There was so much food.

And after lunch some bean counters eventually let loose and had a go.

But not before picking up their Xero t-shirt and merchandise of course.

Because every accountant needs a glass Xero mug for their desk.

They’re now debriefing and gearing up for Xerocon day two.

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