According To The Polls, Romney Is Absolutely Crushing Gingrich In Florida Now

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[credit provider=”Courtesy of CNN”]

The polls in Florida are looking pretty great for Mitt Romney just two days before the crucial Florida primary. The RealClearPolitics poll average shows Romney up by about 11.6 per cent in the last round of polling. 

The front page of the Miami Herald this morning had the headline: “Mitt- By A Lot” and touted a poll showing Romney pulling away to an 11-point lead in the very latest poll

At different times in the past two months, Gingrich has held double-digit leads in Florida polls. 

But after last week’s debate, and the flurry of advertising in Florida, Romney has taken a sizable lead and the momentum heading into Tuesday’s contest. To see his momentum halted so quickly after his South Carolina victory is a stunning turnaround for Romney.