Acclaim Games Exec Swears PSP2 Coming


Reports of a Sony (SNE) “PSP2” circulate the Internet like a modern-day Loch Ness monster. We hear there’s one coming, then there’s not. Then a fresh report, and a fresh denial.

Now another PSP2 sighting, with one key difference — someone is willing to stake their name and reputation by going on record swearing to the PSP2’s existence.

That someone is David Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim, who told Kotaku:

“I spoke to a developer who is working on it [a PSP2] right now,” he said. “I know this developer is already working on it, so that means they have a prototype. That would sound like a fall release to me.”

Perry said he is excited about the news.

“I’ve been pounding on Sony for a long time to make the Playstation Portable relevant and not to let Apple stroll away with the portable game market,” he said. “Look at what Apple is doing now. Why are so many investors investing in Apple game development? Trying to pitch a PSP game to investors right now is brutal.”

But this is all we get about the supposed PSP2: It forgoes Sony’s UMD disc format in favour of an all-digital content delivery approach.

Yawn. We don’t think Apple’s gaming success is because the iPod touch and iPhone are all digital, we think it’s because the devices also do music and/or telephony really really well and because games on the iPod are a lot cheaper than PSP games, which can run $40 a pop.

We’ve heard reports that Sony approached Sony Ericsson (and got rebuffed) about a PSP phone, which sounds exciting. If the PSP2 really is coming, we’re hoping there’s something more to it than no discs and a higher pixel count — Sony already has the highest-quality portable gaming device on the market.