Accent Group, the owner of Hype DC and Platypus, has announced plans to open up to 40 new stores

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  • Accent Group, the owner of brands including Hype DC and Platypus, has revealed plans to open between 30 and 40 new stores.
  • These new stores will be across brands including Skechers, Platypus, Hype DC, Dr Martens and Vans.
  • The company also attributed its positive sales results for the 2020 financial year to online sales.
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Accent Group, the owner of retail brands including Platypus, Hype DC and Sketchers, is planning to open a raft of new stores.

The group posted its full-year results, citing total sales of $948.9 million – a 1.5% increase from the year before – and a jump in profits by 7.5% to $58 million. The group’s results are attributed to its strong online sales, which were up 69% from the year before.

“Given the challenging environment, we are pleased to report that Accent Group has delivered another record year,” Accent Group CEO Daniel Agostinelli said in a statement.

More than 50% of its online shoppers during the fourth quarter of 2020 were new customers to Accent Group companies. Plus its contactable customer database jumped by more than two million customers to more than 6.8 million.

This all comes after Accent Group shut all its stores in March when the pandemic first hit and had to stand down staff. While the stores were closed, they were turned into “dark stores” to fulfill online orders.

From the start of June, however, all permanent workers were stood up and got full pay.

In Victoria, Accent Group shut its Melbourne metropolitan stores in line with the state government’s stage four lockdowns and turned them into dark stores as well.

“Due to the continuation of Australian Government subsidies and “dark store” digital fulfillment activity, the company has kept all permanent team members stood up on full hours and full pay despite all Melbourne metropolitan and Auckland stores being closed to customers,” the group said.

Accent Group has some expansion plans on the way for the 2021 financial year

The group outlined plans to open between 30 and 40 new stores this financial year across its Skechers, Platypus, Hype DC, Dr Martens, Vans, Merrell, CAT and The Trybe brands. Back in May, Accent Group opened its first PIVOT store – a new sports and lifestyle brand – in Shellharbour, with plans to open 12 more.

On top of that, Accent Group will be opening its first Stylerunner store in Armadale, Victoria this November.

On the digital front, the group is looking to invest in express delivery and its loyalty programs.