Australian telcos will face court if they mis-sell NBN plans


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned telecommunications companies that mis-sell NBN plans could end up in court.

Chair Rod Sims told the AFR, he was pleased with the recent efforts the telcos had made but was still “not fully satisfied”.

The latest quarterly report by the ACCC into thebroadband program found 7% of NBN plans were still delivering less than 50% of advertised speeds at peak times.

“We’re going to look at some other players and certainly if we find examples of it we’ll take people to court. It shouldn’t be happening,” he said.

It comes as experts raise their concerns that the company is failing to take the threat 5G seriously after the technology received just a single mention in the company’s 182-page annual report.

In the report, the NBN simply described 5G as a “central challenge,” when in reality it is expected to revolutionise the speed and reliability of wireless internet.

Telecommunications expert Paul Budde told the AFR the NBN Co would be “very, very worried” about 5G because it could result in millions of households ditching fixed line broadband altogether which would resulting in a “massive write-down”.

The AFR has more on that here.