NBN installers will soon be fined if they don't turn up when they said they would

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  • A staggering 82,552 appointments were missed by NBN installers last year.
  • The ACCC plans to introduce the new rules this year.
  • $25 is the suggested cost.

NBN installers who don’t turn up to booked servicing times will soon be fined under new rules laid down by the ACCC.

“[The regulation] will go to people turning up when they say they’ll turn up and penalties if that doesn’t happen,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims told Patricia Karvelas on the ABC’s National Wrap program.

While the penalties have not been finalised, the ABC reports that the figures proposed in industry discussions include “$25 per connection for every missed appointment above an agreed acceptable level of missed appointments”, and would be paid to the retail company such as Telstra or Optus.

Sims did say, however, the new rules would be introduced “some time this year”.

Last year, NBN installers missed 82,552 appointments.

The announcement has surprised NBN Co given an by the ACCC inquiry is currently underway.

The consumer watchdog launched a public inquiry in the network in November last year.

It’s goal was to determine whether NBN wholesale service standard levels are appropriate and consider whether regulation is necessary to improve consumer experiences.

A discussion paper relating to the matter was released the following month, seeking feedback from interested stakeholders.

In response to Sims’ call to regulate call-outs, the NBN Co told Business Insider that it “is currently working constructively with the regulator on the inquiry”.

“Customer experience is NBN Co’s priority and we are working to identify root causes and solutions where NBN Co has the ability to do so.”

It acknowledged the scale of the roll-out is extensive and “that there will occasionally be consumers who face issues when trying to connect to a retail service over the nbn network – this is significant in the context of the current scale of activations”.

But added that it has already put in place procedures to prompt installers to call ahead the day before and give notice they are attending and will continue to work closely with its retail and delivery partners to ensure a smooth transition for Australians.

The ABC has more.

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