ACCC Gives Conditional Nod To Qantas/Emirates Deal

When a straight “yes” just won’t do.

Qantas and Emirates already had the provisional go-ahead from the Australian competition regulator to form a partnership, but now the deal has received conditional approval from the ACCC, but what does that mean?

It means that the two airlines can now officially begin their co-operation from April, so long as they adhere to the conditions imposed on the deal back in February.

Those rules include maintaining a specific number of seats on the New Zealand route to avoid a reduction in competition.

Lifehacker also explains that Dubai is now going to become the central focus for the airline partnership:

For passengers, the big shift is that Dubai will now become the main route through which Qantas flights to Europe pass. Qantas will continue its own flights through to London, but for other European destinations, you’ll generally switch to an Emirates flight. For anywhere in Europe west of London, that’s a definite time-saver. Another visible change at the London end is that co-operation with British Airways will be much reduced (passengers who can’t access an Emirates lounge will end up in an AA Admiral’s Club lounge instead).

Read more about the conditions at Lifehacker.

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