Tensions Between The UAE And Iran Are Heating Up Over Contested Islands


Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Last week Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became the first Iranian head of state to visit Abu Musa since Tehran took over the island 41 years ago.Abu Musa is one of three tiny islands near the Strait of Hormuz that are claimed by Iran and the UAE.

The UAE responded by recalling its ambassador from Tehran for consultation and cancelling a friendly soccer match with Iran, according to Arabian Business News. The Gulf Cooperative Council also met yesterday to condemn Ahmadinejad’s visit as a “provocative act and a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over its three islands”.

Iran responded by calling the UAE’s stance “unacceptable.”

The upshot of this conflict is that Iran finds itself increasingly isolated, distancing itself from a major trade outlet.

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