The Best Fake Picture You'll See Today From The Mid-East

Schoolgirl Abu Dhabi Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Photo: UAE Facebook

This picture was spreading around online this morning, credited to a UAE Facebook page hosting a story supposed to have happened this week.Though a good tale, it appears the image at least is from 2011 and not taken during the supposed event. A reverse photo search with TinEye came up clean before posting, but BI commenter Hamad pointed us to a 2011 version of the Pic found here.

Anyway, this is the story that’s already gotten a couple thousand likes and shares on Facebook. 

Imagine that you are the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi travelling through the streets of Abu Dhabi with your entourage.

Iran is refining its ballistic missile program, Egypt is the worst shape it has been in in a generation, and your entourage is pounding through the Mid-East sun on its way to meet the King of Jordan.

The Syria debacle is flooding Jordan with hundreds-of-thousands of refugees — something must be done.

But wait. 

That looks like a young girl on the corner looking confused and concerned.

That glimpse of a lone schoolgirl apparently prompted Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to put the brakes Wednesday on his entourage, and grind the wheels of power to a halt, if only for a spell.

With his assistant tagging along through the baking heat, the prince asked the girl if she was lost.

The rest comes from a United Arab Emirates’ Facebook page.

“No,” the girl replied. “I’m just waiting on my father.”

It’s not hard to imagine a slight quiver in the voice, nervous words, eyes not knowing where to fall. But maybe not because when the prince offered her a ride home, she simply had to refuse. “My father says not to ride with strangers,” she firmly told the prince.

She could not be swayed by status or position, even as the prince’s assistant doubtlessly tried to keep on schedule. So, the prince parked on the curb beside the girl and settled in for the wait.


Schoolgirl Abu Dhabi Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Photo: UAE Facebook

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