Above The Law Sued For $50M After Posting Erroneous Rape Story

rape europa

Jeff Bercovici points to a story about Meanith Huon, a Chicago attorney who is suing Above The Law for $50 million.

The suit comes a year after a post on the site detailed sexual assault charges against Huon on the same day he was acquitted.

The twist is that Huon’s suit does not focus on writer Elie Mystal making light of the charges against the lawyer. Instead, it takes issue with the fact that ATL’s post portrayed him as a serial offender by linking to two other stories that accused him of sexual assault.

The only problem: All three articles were about the same incident.

Bercovici quotes the filing: “The content of the article were [sic] defamatory in that it incorrectly and recklessly portrayed Mr. Huon as a serial rapist by treating the same complaining witness as three different women.”

Huon’s suit names Above The Law and parent company Breaking Media. He is representing himself after hiring another attorney to handle the sexual assault case.

It’s tough to see Huon winning the argument that he deserves $50 million because ATL linked to a couple articles and used some sarcastic language. The story was in poor taste, but poor taste and millions of dollars are two completely different things. Huon has a better chance winning the $130 million suit he filed against Madison County and its law enforcement.