About That Site Outage Yesterday…

The site was down for about three hours yesterday afternoon.  Typepad blames a power-outage.  Internet chatter fingers a drunken employee who went nuts in a data centre.  Whatever.  We’re angry and sorry.

We’d like to say “It will never happen again,” but mid blackout, while I was ranting about how pathetic it is that companies like Typepad still have a single point of failure, an industry technology veteran explained that this would always be the case.  When I asked why, he explained:

“Because building an actual dual-location live failover system is a pain in the neck, and in a year, you won’t care that your site was down for four hours.”

So there you have it.  Especially sorry we missed re-reporting the Jason Calacanis rumour that AOL’s about to be sold to a private equity firm (dubious, in light of yesterday’s Tacoda buy, but Jason’s certainly in a position to know).