Abercrombie & Fitch is facing criticism over the size of its models

Abercrombie is under fire for the thin models featured in its advertisements.

The Sunday Times highlighted that the models featured on Abercrombie & Fitch’s website had waist-to-hip ratios of less than .4, which is “considered by nutritionists to be the minimum safe level.”

The report has ignited a strong response on social media.

Abercrombie women'sAbercrombie & FitchCustomers say Abercrombie’s models are too thin.

People have taken to Facebook to criticise the brand.

“Gotta love stick thin girls that look like their half dead,” one female commenter wrote.

That girl needs a burger or two. That’s not sexy its not even realistic!!!!!” Another wrote.

“For a company that markets to middle and high schoolers, this isn’t the body image we should be sending,” another woman wrote.

PostbyAbercrombie & Fitch.

One woman gave the brand some business advice.

“Nobody is that skinny. Use more realistic photos of women and get more business,” she wrote. “Thank you and goodbye.”

We reached out to Abercrombie and will update when we hear back.

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Abercrombie isn’t the only company under fire.

The Daily Mail pointed out that Oasis received heat for a too-thin mannequin after a shopper posted a tweet showing a mannequin with frightening proportions:

Oasis’s spokesperson stood by its decision, telling The Daily Mail that the “mannequins are not intended to symbolise real people …  measuring over 6ft in height and without distinct facial features, our store mannequins are highly stylised to represent an artistic prop and are in no way any attempt to accurately portray true-to-life proportions.”

However, the spokesperson relayed that the company would look into how thin its mannequins were in the future.

“Oasis is committed to understanding the concerns of our customers and understand the recent debates which have unfolded and therefore the business is in the process of reviewing new mannequins styles,” the spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

Popular teen retailer Brandy Melville is also mentioned in the report. Brandy Melville sells clothing that are “one size fits most” — but some customers say only very thin people can fit in the designs.

Brandy Melville model Scarlett Leithold told her Ask.fm followers that she didn’t want to talk about this controversy.

“I won’t give my opinion about this cause I don’t wanna start drama,” she said.

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