Look At This Photo And Try To Guess The Abercrombie CEO's Age

Abercrombie CEO Michael Jefferies has made headlines for trying to look like his preppy teenage customers.

The executive reportedly wears flip flops and Abercrombie clothes. He demands the same of employees at corporate headquarters.

After he made a Black Friday appearance at a New York Abercrombie store, a photo of Jeffries emerged on Twitter:

From this photo, we’d guess Jeffries is in his 50’s and trying to look young and hip.

But in reality, Jeffries is 69.

According to his Wikipedia page, he was born on July 15, 1944.

Even though most people would consider that retiring age, Jeffries has made it clear that he doesn’t plan on stepping down anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Abercrombie sales continue to plummet as teens check out fast fashion retailers like Forever 21.

Given Jeffries’ real age, it’s no surprise he’s having trouble relating to teen customers.

Here’s another photo showing a close-up of his face:

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