Former Abercrombie Manager Alleges That Workers Were Fired For Being Too Fat

abercrombie models

A former manager at Abercrombie & Fitch claims that the company routinely fired employees who were heavier than the manager thought they should be. 

“People get fat or new managers come in who disagree with the looks and bodies of the staff: very common problem. So that manager will fire them or take away all their hours. It’s pretty scandalous but all too common,” the woman said in a Reddit Ask Me Anything

[NOTE: While Reddit’s Ask Me Anything’s are verified by an independent moderator, Business Insider can’t independently confirm the woman’s identity.]

The woman said the practice was encouraged by higher-ups. 

“It is downright encouraged from the district managers and their bosses. If your boss visits your store and ugly person, fat person or someone out of dress code is working, then you’re in big trouble,” she said. 

Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she said. 

“There is no paper that says, too fat and your boss won’t say it,” the former worker said. “You decide it when you’re out recruiting (new employees.)” 

The woman says she quit after growing tired of the shallow environment there. 

Abercrombie has been in the hotseat since Business Insider connected CEO Michael Jeffries’ comments about wanting beautiful people to shop there to the company’s exclusion of clothing sizes for large women.

Jeffries has refused to apologise for his comments. 

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