Abdul Numan Haider Has Been Named As The Man Shot By Anti-Terrorist Police

Ken Lay, Victoria’s Chief Police Commissioner.

Police have named the man shot dead last night outside a Melbourne police station by anti-terrorism officers.

He was Abdul Numan Haider who was from an Afghan family.

The 18-year-old was shot dead after stabbing two officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism team.

Haider was was allegedly seen last week with an Islamic State flag. Authorities had cancelled his passport, according to a report on ABC radio.

According to The Age, Haider said on social media: “Lets not put the focus on other things. The main message I’m sending with these statuses and photos is to the dogs AFP and ASIO who are declaring war on Islam and Muslims.”

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said there is information that he was present at a shopping centre in the last week or so with a flag which appeared to be an ISIS flag.

“It’s not an offence,” Lay said. “But clearly it drew our attention to this person and we had a conversation with this person.”

Haider is said to have at one stage been associated with the radical Islamic group called Al-Furqan.

Two police officers, one from Victoria Police and an AFP officer, were taken to hospital with stab wounds, after an altercation shortly before 8pm yesterday.

One officer had a “serious slash across his arm”, the other officer had knife wounds to his neck, stomach and head. He was operated on overnight and is in a serious but stable condition.

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