ABC To Advertisers: Honestly, You're Not Throwing Your Money Away. We Swear! (DIS)

ABC’s newest offering to advertisers isn’t a new show (though the network is unveiling its new slate of programs today, too). Instead it’s a solemn pledge not to piss away their money, using a new-fangled tool called an “Advertising Value Index”.

Why, what is this new marvel? The WSJ explains:

[It allows] advertisers to choose from more than 15 criteria, including factors such as income level, education, employment status, how long viewers tune in to commercials or how engaged they are with the program. The idea is that advertisers choose the criteria they are interested in, giving extra weight to factors they deem most important, to come up with the programs that their target consumers are likely to watch.

We’ll repeat that again: ABC promises to help advertisers figure out which programs their target consumers are likely to watch. That sound you hear? Web publishers — who only get paid when people look at their stuff, period — bashing their foreheads against their desks, trying to remember if this is really 2008.

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