ABC Cancels Two Soap Operas — Could They Be Making Room For Katie Couric?

couric abc

It’s the end of not one, but two soap eras — ABC is cancelling the long-running daytime series “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”

In the same breath, they’re greenlighting replacements for the soap operas: “The Chew,” a food show with rotating hosts including Mario Batali and Clinton Kelly; and “The Revolution,” a lifestyle and weight-loss show led by Tim Gunn and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

Hmm. They sound kind of vague, kind of hastily-assembled, right?

This is pure speculation, but our first reaction was: this timeslot could go to Katie Couric.

Couric’s been hinting for weeks that she might move on to a daytime talk show next — and if that’s going to happen, one of the networks is going to have to clear some space on its schedule.

Whereas afternoon TV once basically consisted of soap operas, Oprah, and sitcom reruns in between, daytime now boasts brands like Dr. Phil and the hosts of CBS’s “The Talk” (Sharon Osbourne among them).

So it makes perfect sense that soaps are getting phased out — and that one would have to die to make room for Couric to take over daytime.

We’re just saying — Gunn and Kelly might just be keeping her seat warm.