ABC News Webcast: Right Idea, Still Too Long*


Disney’s ABC (DIS) puts together a special daily news webcast with Charles Gibson that lasts about 15 minutes, the New York Times reports.  The webcast features different content than ABC’s evening news and apparently gets about 4.5 million views a month.

This is a better idea than merely posting the “evening news” online, as CBS and NBC do (CBS streams it live, NBC ludicrously tries to protect its TV audience by posting it later, when it is even more irrelevant).  In a world in which users dance from headline to headline in 15 seconds, however, 15 minutes is still eternity. 

If ABC wants to make the webcast more popular, it should provide clear headlines and shortcuts that launch only the segments of the broadcast that viewers are particularly interested in.  It should then make these segments “embeddable” and distribute them throughout the web.

Update: ABC’s Natalie Raabe reports that ABC already cuts the web-cast into segments:

If you’re watching the “World News” webcast at 3 pm on or ABC News Now, it’s being taped live, so you can’t skip ahead.  After the live program, it’s posted shortly thereafter on and as a video podcast on iTunes — in both formats, you can pick and choose when and what you watch. On iTunes, the various pieces/segments are divided into chapters and you can skip around as you see fit.  On, each segment is posted as an individual video clip, in addition to the full 15 minute webcast.