ABC chairman Justin Milne reportedly wanted to sack two other ABC journalists

Andrew Sheargold / Getty Images / File.

ABC chairman Justin Milne reportedly wanted to sack two other ABC journalists, political reporter Andrew Probyn and radio broadcaster Jon Faine.

The AFR reports that a source familiar with the conversations says Milne wanted action taken after the journalists allegedly upset the government.

This morning, it was reported that Milne may have also pressured the broadcaster’s former Managing Director Michelle Guthrie to fire chief economics correspondent, Emma Alberici.

The ABC board dismissed Guthrie on Monday halfway through her five-year contract citing leadership issues.

The complaints about the journalists were reportedly made verbally, following Faine’s interactions with a government minister and Probyn’s coverage which upset the Coalition.

Sources also told the AFR that Milne was opposed to the broadcaster’s programs Tonightly and Triple J’s Hottest 100.

There are already calls for Milne to resign, including from ABC staff who want him to stand down immediately.

Earlier today, a spokesman for Milne said he has no plans to resign.

“The job of the ABC Board is to independently govern the Corporation, protect its best interests, ensure that it is well funded, well managed and that our content is of the highest standards,” he said.

“That is precisely what the Board has done and will continue to do. I do not propose to provide a running commentary on day-to-day issues which arise in pursuit of our duties.”

The AFR has more.

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