'Next Step Realty NYC' star reveals 3 things you should look for in a real estate broker

Next step realty nyc abc familyABC FamilyBlair Brandt, center, is the co-founder and CEO of Next Step Realty.

ABC Family takes a look at life after college in its new reality series “Next Step Realty NYC.”

The show revolves around the executives and staff of real estate brokerage firm (and the show’s namesake) Next Step Realty, which specialises in finding homes for new college graduates.

The firm was founded by Blair Brandt, who as a young college graduate working at an upscale Palm Beach, Florida realty brokerage saw inequities in the way that college graduates were treated and charged by New York City brokers.

“My friends are college graduates and are not getting good service,” Brandt tells Business Insider. “But, if they did get a lot of service, especially the amenities and the luxury and the concierge feel, I think there would be a certain amount of loyalty that they would have.”

As viewers will see from the show, Next Step caters to clients from different cultural backgrounds, budgets, and needs for their home. The one thing they all agreed on was that Next Step would be their broker.

BI asked Brandt to explain the three most important things to consider when choosing a real estate broker. Here’s what he said:

1.) What’s their reputation like?

“Next Up has grown at a tremendous rate because you go to our Facebook page and look at the reviews, every customer has a positive experience and tells their friends,” Brandt said. “We’ve primarily grown through word of mouth. So whenever you think about hiring a broker or a brokerage company, make sure you have strong and multiple recommendations.

2.) Can you agree on the fee?

“I believe in transparency about the broker fee in advance,” the realtor said. “For example, we guarantee 20% off other New York City brokerage fees. We do that transparently from the moment they call us to finalising the lease. There are no surprises.”

3.) Are they working for you?

“You want someone willing to show you the market,” Brandt said. “We don’t represent listings. We don’t represent landlords. We are customer representatives. We work on behalf of the renters to find them their ideal home. We can show six to 12 apartments in a few hours and give people the piece of mind that they could move forward with the rental. You want to make sure the broker you find is saving you money, saving you time and that they’re going to provide a wide array of options for you.”

You’ll learn more about the real estate brokerage business from watching Brandt and his colleagues on “Next Step Realty NYC,” which premieres Tuesday, August 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

Watch a teaser for the show below:

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