US Tries More Ads For "Desperate Housewives"

ABC-Disney TV Group (DIS) is about to test a defacto rule in Web video — that consumers won’t tolerate sit through consecutive ads when they watch TV online.

ABC digital president Albert Cheng told THR the network is going to experiment, and see if they can move to a model that’s closer to broadcast TV. “We want to push it a little bit to see how it would go,” he said.

ABC’s competitors will be watching closely. Most are restricting shows to a single sponsor, with one ad per break. In March, Hulu ad sales chief Jean-Paul Colaco explained: “My sense right now is they [the users] are not ready for multiple ads per stream. There are too many ways to click away.”

ABC’s proprietary video player, which is distributed at, AOL and on the Web sites of local ABC stations, prohibits fast-forwarding through ads. ABC allows its local affilates to sell a spot, in addition to the national sponsor.

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