Kirstin Ferguson is going to be the ABC's acting chair

Joe O’BrienABC journalists meet at the ABC this week to protest reported interference in editorial independence.

Dr Kirstin Ferguson, an independent company director, has been nominated as ABC’s acting chair.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will take her nomination to the governor general, Peter Cosgrove, today.

Ferguson replaces Justin Milne who resigned as ABC chairman yesterday, following reports of political interference at the national broadcaster, and four days after sacking managing director Michelle Guthrie.

She has been on the ABC board since 2015 and is a former CEO of Sensis, a psychologically based health and safety services in the mining and resources sector.

“Massive responsibility but I just love the ABC so much, I am just honoured to take it on,” Ferguson told ABC radio presenter Patricia Karvelas.

Milne resigned after growing protests about leaked emails showing he asked Guthrie to “get rid” of reporter Emma Alberici because she was “hated” by the Coalition Government.

However, Milne said when resigning: “I have never provided instructions that anybody should be sacked.”

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