ABC Apologizes For 'Kill Everyone In China' Joke On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy KimmelYouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Show‘Our objective is to entertain,’ ABC wrote in an apology after controversial remarks on ‘Kimmel.’

No stranger to
controversythese days, Jimmy Kimmel is in the hot seat once again for remarks made on his Oct. 16th show.

Kimmel hosted a “Kids Table” segment about the childishness of the government shutdown that included a 6-year-old’s unscripted idea that the U.S. “kill all the people in China” as a solution to America’s debt crisis.

As you can imagine, many people were offended and outraged, with a petition to the White House even asking that the show be investigated.

And now ABC is finally apologizing.

South China Morning Post obtained a letter sent from the 80-20 Initiative, a web-based organisation in the US promoting equal opportunities for Asian Americans, apologizing for allowing the skit to run.

“We’re writing to offer our sincere apology,” the network’s letter stated. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large … our objective is to entertain.”

Signed by ABC Entertainment’s executive vice president, Lisa Berger, who oversees Kimmel’s show, and Tim McNeal, the vice president of ABC’s talent development and diversity branch, the letter added that the controversial comment was removed from all media clips, and it would be taken out of any future airing of the show.

But S.B.Woo, the organisation’s chairman, told the Post that “allowing the segment to air [when ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ is not, in fact, ‘live’] shows ABC’s grievous lack of judgment.”

He added that the show would not dare to air a similar comment aimed at black or Jewish people.

“Personally I don’t consider [the apology] a victory at all,” he said.

Watch the controversial clip in question below:

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